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Skinny Massage

Skinny Massage is a specialized massage technique designed to tighten, tone and firm your skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite. By using specific massage techniques on cellulite affected areas, you can actually break up the fat deposits beneath the skin to be released over time. Skinny Massage will improve circulation, rid the body of excess fluid and help improve the overall appearance of the skin. 

The Skinny Massage is followed by the application of the "Skinny Massage Formula", which is an all natural botanical based product that reduced the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, detoxes the area of application, reduces inflammation and improves the overall appearance of the skin.

Most clients will see a change in the intensity of cellulite and a reduction in size with as few as 4 treatments. Refer to the 4 stages of cellulite below to decide how many sessions  you should receive.

While Skinny Massage can be performed alone as a single session, we also offer it in a package. As a package you will first enjoy a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session (burn up to 600 calories), then your Skinny Massage, followed by a Skinny Wrap.

A Skinny Wrap is a wrap worn on one area of the body for 45 minutes to tighten, tone and firm the skin. You choose the area you want to target.

Stage 1: No visible appearance of cellulite even when pinching the area.  1-4 sessions
Stage 2: If you pinch the skin cellulite is visible. Without pinching your skin your butt and thighs still look smooth.  1-4 sessions
Stage 3: No need to do the pinch test because the dimples are very visible but not spread dramatically and the dimples are not too deep. When you lay down, no visible signs will show. Legs will usually feel heavy.  4-8 sessions
Stage 4: Cellulite is heavily covering your butt, legs and even the arms or the stomach area. It is very visible. This appearance will stay the same standing up or lying down.  8-12 sessions

All treatments are once a week
The Simply Skinny: stages 1 or 2
4  30 minute infrared sauna sessions
4  30 minute skinny massages
4  skinny wraps
The Skinny: stages 2 or 3
8  30 minute infrared sauna sessions
8  30 minute skinny massages
8  skinny wraps
The Ultimate Skinny: stages 3 or 4
12  30 minute infrared sauna sessions
12  30 minute skinny massages
12  skinny wraps
Add a take home kit to any package to help enhance your results. Products in kit will be used at home daily during your skinny massage package (recommended for stage 3 and 4)
Take Home Kit:
1 loofah for dry brushing $5
1 bar of glycerin soap $5
It Works Hydrating Toner $50.00
It Works Defining Gel $75.00
Skinny Massage                                                                  $105.00
30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session                                        $20.00
One Skinny Wrap                                                               $30.00
(4) Skinny Massages                                                           $340.00
To purchase wraps or products for home use or to learn more about the products used visit:

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